Marine cargo specialist


  • Stand­plaats Rotterdam
  • Uren per week 38
  • Maand­salaris €2.899 - €4.001
  • Salaris­niveau schaal 9
  • Niveau HBO oude stijl
  • Vakgebied Opslag / vervoer / logistiek
  • Reageren voor 15 augustus
  • Vacaturenummer 310207
  • Plaatsingsdatum 1 juli 2021
  • Dienst­verband Vaste aanstelling


The Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) performs a variety of logistical activities for US Armed Forces use worldwide. As a marine cargo specialist for the Benelux Detachment of the 838th Transportation Battalion in Rotterdam, part of the SDDC, you are directly responsible for managing loading/discharge of US military cargo off US military/commercial ocean vessels. You will perform complex cargo stowage plans and oversee/monitor the stowage and loading of cargo.

In this role you will provide technical advice and guidance to management, terminal personnel and stevedore contractors concerning complicated missions and/or problems encountered to ensure successful completion of assignments. You will plan and coordinate operations to accomplish effective loading and discharge of cargo by attending cargo meetings. You also ensure cargo dimensions are accurate and priority cargo is identified. You review layout of vessel space, vessel characteristics and order of ports of discharge. In consideration of such pertinent data, you develop pre-stow plans manually or by automation and recommend number of ship and dock/yard gangs to be ordered as required.

You coordinate for lashing, dunnage and supplies. For this you inspect vessels prior to loading to determine the safety and space requirements. You coordinate with commercial carriers, as well as MSC, to plan daily truck and vessel operations. You ensure physical inventory of all cargo is accomplished and consistent with the ICODES and GATES database. You keep the terminal manager apprised of any existing or potential safety hazards, problems among workers, and/or other operating problems which may adversely affect the operation. You also plan, review, analyse, develop and/or implement new or revised methods and procedures relating to any phase of cargo stowage, pier operations and vessel loading activities. You lead or assist in making studies of problem areas such as, cargo-related issues, accidents, damages and other incidents involving contract personnel and cargo.

You maintain continuing liaison with representatives of MSC, DSC, SDDC headquarters and deploying/redeploying elements to continue developing ship files and characteristics enhancing the ship loading process. As a marine cargo specialist you also supervise junior marine cargo specialist(s) during the performance or a variety of port and terminal related functions to include stuffing, unstuffing, temporary storage, receipt, disposition, customs clearance of cargo moving through the container freight station.

You serve as the contracting officer representative (COR/ACOR) or ordering officer (OO) and government timekeeper during the loading and discharging of all vessels where contract stevedoring labour is used. You oversee and monitor all aspects of the stevedoring contract to insure utilization of vessel space is optimized, cargo/ship operations are safe, equipment is operated efficiently, accurately, safety, and documentation is prepared accurately and timely. You also oversee contractor operations during loading, stowage trim and handling or cargo, giving technical advice to complex situations as they arise, and maintain the smooth flow of the operation. As necessary, you confer with stevedore foreman, ships officers, and Military Sealift Command (MSC) representatives to resolve problems, make changes to procedures, and to facilitate operations. In addition you are responsible for ordering work to be accomplished under the terms of the stevedoring contract.

In your role as marine cargo specialist you initiate a daily log reflecting the number of stevedores working, description, start and completion time, standby time, extra labour and checks/certifies items and cargo loaded. You prepare reports covering stowage operations. You also investigate overages, shortages, damages and improper shipments to determine the cause for loss and or damage. Furthermore you prepare reports on claims, and provide oral and written advice to all concerned. You prepare written reports of daily contractors operations and reviews such reports to ensure accuracy and adequacy of data, prior to releasing same to concerned sections; i.e. TMD, Contracting, and Command sections. You also code and certify contractor pay.

During vessel operations you serve as marine safety supervisor. For this you must maintain a presence and conduct random observations of all aspects of operations; i.e. vessel bunkering, terminal, forklift, safety wear, and fire prevention. You are required to comply with seaport union agreements, Coast Guard regulations, 49 Code of Federal Regulations, and International Maritime Regulations relating to the handling and storage of hazardous cargo. You must be familiar with security regulations as they relate to sensitive cargo. You are able to identify security cargo before arrival and provide proper directions to contractors and government personnel. You also ensure sensitive information is secured, and that buildings and warehouses where these items are stored are also secured. All safety and security violations you immediately report.


You have good knowledge of the English language, both verbally and in writing. Knowledge of labour order forms/call letters, timekeeper reports, tally reports, GATES and IBS queries/reports, port handling contract terms/conditions and schedule of rates, and about preparation of corrections to commodity and man-hour reports (user-level knowledge) are paramount to successfully perform the work. You also have an overall familiarity with automation and communication systems.

Knowledge/training requirements:

  • MBO education (transportation/logistics background) or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Technical transportation of hazardous materials certification.


  • Salaris­niveau schaal 9
  • Maand­salaris Min €2.899 Max. €4.001 (bruto)
  • Dienst­verband Vaste aanstelling
  • Minimaal aantal uren per week 38
  • Maximaal aantal uren per week 38

Overige arbeids­voorwaarden

Naast het salaris en vakantiegeld kun je rekenen op een eindejaarsuitkering van 8,33%. Defensie hecht sterk aan persoonlijke groei en loopbaanontwikkeling en biedt daarvoor tal van mogelijkheden. Tot de secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden behoren onder meer maximaal 75% betaald ouderschapsverlof (onder voorwaarden), studiefaciliteiten, een extra verlofregeling voor ouderen en een vergoeding woon-werkverkeer.


  • Neem voor meer informatie over deze functie contact op met Liesbeth van Werkhoven, via 06 – 20 70 64 12.
  • Neem voor informatie over de sollicitatieprocedure contact op Freddy Biemans, via +31 45 - 534 01 07.
  • Interne sollicitanten kunnen hun belangstelling voor deze vacature kenbaar maken in de vacaturebank in P&O Selfservice, maar volgen (net als externe kandidaten) ook de volgende stap.
  • Stuur je motivatiebrief en cv (beiden in Nederlands en Engels) onder vermelding van het vacaturenummer naar Uitdrukkelijk verzoek om je nationaliteit op je cv te vermelden.
  • Wanneer je deze stap in de procedure niet volgt, wordt je sollicitatie niet in behandeling genomen.


Work is conducted (performed) within the Benelux Detachment of the 838th Transportation Battalion of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) of the US Armed Forces. The SDDC performs a variety of logistical activities such as transportation of large quantities of military equipment and goods destined for US Armed Forces use worldwide. The incumbent is directly responsible for managing loading/discharge of US military cargo off US military/commercial ocean vessels. The incumbent is responsible for safe seaport operations, as well as the survey of seaports throughout the AOR for use by the US government in the movement of US military cargo. The incumbent is also responsible for the receipt, discharge, loading, port clearance, duty free declaration of all U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) sponsored cargo transiting water terminals in the assigned Benelux Detachment Area of Responsibility (AOR).


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